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This page lists archaeological finds related to Greek and Roman artillery. This includes machine parts such as washers and field-frames, but also ammunition and such.

Parts from engines Edit

Ampurias Edit

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Caminreal Edit

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Gornea Edit

The Gornea find consists of three very similar small iron field frames, similar in size to those in Heron's cheiroballistra. The find was published by Baatz (1974; 1978).

Lyon Edit

The Lyon find consists of a large iron field frame as well as the associated iron washers and crossbars. The find was published by Baatz and Feugère (1981).

Orsova Edit

The Orsova find consists of a single iron field frame and an arched strut (kamarion) made from iron, both of which had belonged to a rather large weapon. The find was publish by Baatz (1978: 9-14).

Sala Edit

The Sala find is a field frame cast from bronze. Discussed by Iriarte on many occasions (2000: 63, 66). Published by Baatz (1999: 6).

Elenovo Edit

The Elenovo find is an iron field frame with forge-welded joints (Kayumov & Minchev 2010).

Ammunition Edit

Qasr-Ibrim Edit

The Qasr-Ibrim find is from fort Premnis in Nubia. It includes one bolt 185mm long with an iron bolthead. The complete bolt weighed approximately 25 grams (Iriarte 2000: 67). Currently located in the British Museum (EA 71818, 71842, 71914).

Vindonissa Edit

The Vindonissa find is from Windisch, Switzerland. It includes an iron bolthead weighing 40 gram and a broken shaft (Iriarte 2000: 67 -> Simonett 1942: 16).

Haltern Edit

The Haltern find is from fort Haltern, Germany. It contains three complete bolts and parts from seven other bolts (Iriarte 2000: 67 -> Dahm 1903: 64). Smallest of the iron boltheads weighed 16 grams.

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