Introduction Edit

The cone parts of cheiroballistra arms are made from hardwood. This is an early method I've used to make the cones, and as long as you take care that grain of the wood is not violated at the back, i.e. the side where the groove will be, the arms made with this method should work well. An alternative method for making the cones is described here.

After the cones are finished, you need to cut the grooves for the bars as described here.

Tapering the cone Edit

Mark the outline of the cone to a piece of hardwood:

Tapering the cone - 01

Cut and plane the piece of wood so that you get two straight sides that are in 90 degree angle:

Tapering the cone - 02

Mark the outline of the cone onto one side:

Tapering the cone - 03

Plane one side into tapering, conical form:

Tapering the cone - 04

At this point the other side is still untapered:

Tapering the cone - 05

Plane the other side into tapering form:

Tapering the cone - 06

After planing the cone should look like this:

Tapering the cone - 07 Tapering the cone - 08

Any minor irregularities will get removed when the cone is rounded.

Rounding the tapered cone Edit

Use a rasp to make the bottom side of the cone round:

Rounding the tapered cone - 01

Do the same for the top side of the cone round, but leave the fairly narrow tips somewhat rectangular:

Rounding the tapered cone - 02

After rasping the entire cone it should look like this:

Rounding the tapered cone - 03

Finish the work with a file and some sandpaper:

Rounding the tapered cone - 04