Introduction Edit

Planing wedges is a nasty business: it's better to saw the wedges using a circular saw. However, if you only have hand tools available, you can make wedges fairly easily with the techniques described in this article.

Making a wedge planing template Edit

Take a piece of plywood and mark the slope of the wedge to it's side:

Making wedge planing template - 01

Saw and chisel a slot for the to-be wedges to the plywood:

Making wedge planing template - 02

Making wedge planing template - 03

Planing wood into rectangular pieces Edit

Split wood into small pieces:

Planing wedges into squares - 01

Plane the pieces roughly rectangular in a vise:

Planing wedges into squares - 02

Planing wedges into squares - 03

Planing the wedge-shape using the template Edit

Place a piece into the wedge-planing template and squeeze both into the jaws of a vise:

Planing wedges in the wedge planing template - 01

Plane and rasp the wedge until you've almost reached the surface of the template:

Planing wedges in the wedge planing template - 02

File the edges of the wedges smooth:

Planing wedges in the wedge planing template - 03

Repeat for each wedge.